Assistant Secretary of State, Breckinridge Long.

Etching, c.1940.
Image size 14 3/4 x 11 13/16" (375 x 300 mm).
Good condition.
LOCATION: New York City

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Breckinridge Long (1881-1958) was appointed by FDR to be Secretary of State and Ambassador to Italy after helping him with his presidential campaign. During World War II Breckinridge had jurisdiction over immigration, but was corrupt and more than likely anti-semitic, as he held back thousands of visa's meant for Jewish refugees. He even informed his subordinate on how to continually delay the visa from being given out and when the United States was seeking ways to further help refugees Breckinridge gave false information to obstruct rescue attempts. Upon discovery of his heinous acts in 1944 he was demoted and retired soon after.Signed and titled in pencil. Signature illegable. 20th Century Subjects , Portraits , Political Figures