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Sacred to the Memory of the Illustrious G. Washington.

  • ARTIST: T. Clarke

  • PUBLISHER: Published by T. Clarke, Boston.

  • MEDIUM: Stipple-and-line engraving.

    DATE: 1801.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 8 1/4 x 8" (21 x 20.1 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: The first state of two with a thinner outside black border. In the second state the black border increases to 3/16" along with other changes. T. Clarke, Sculpt 1801, Boston. (Drawn and engraved by Thomas Clarke.) Bust portrait of George Washington on the right side on the monument. Over the portrait is a cherub, on either side laurel branches. Beneath “G. Washington : There is : Rest in : Heaven”. Three figures approach the monument - one man and two women. The first man and woman are weeping the third bears an anchor and raised arm.<br><br>


  • CONDITION: Good condition save for some repairs in the right margin.

  • REFERENCE: Stauffer 408. Hart 279.