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The Morning Bell.

  • ARTIST: Winslow Homer

  • PUBLISHER: Published in Harper's Weekly, December 13, 1873.

  • MEDIUM: Wood engraving,

    DATE: 1873.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 9 3/16 x 13 1/2" (23.3 x 34.3 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: From the text on verso: "The Morning Bell. Not the late bell which rouses from sweet dreams* Some fair young sleeper in her downy bed,* And bids her rise to spend the new-born day* 'Neath folly's rule, by fashion's scepter led;* Not the sweet bell which in the church tower hangs,* and call with silvery tongue the hour of prayer-* Not that: for in response to its dear tones* The weary ones would find their rest from care.* Ah, No! 'tis but the heavy factory bell,* Which takes its tone from factory noise and din,* And wearily responding to its call,* Behold a day of hardship must begin! And slowly in the well-worn, toilsome path* Go those whose paths seem ever cast in shade, * While others reap the sunshine of their toll:* By these the factory bell must be obeyed.* And so the morning bell rings ever on,* And so the weary feet obey its call,* Till o'er the earth silence at last shall come,* And death bring peace and rest alike to all." No author's name is given to the poem.


  • CONDITION: Good condition.