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On the March to the Sea.

  • ARTIST: F. O. C. Darley

  • PUBLISHER: Published by L. Stebbins, Hartford, CT.

  • MEDIUM: Engraving,

    DATE: 1867

  • EDITION SIZE: 24 7/8 x 40 3/8" (63.1 x 102.7 cm) plus margins.

  • DESCRIPTION: Engraved by A.H. Ritchie. With vignette of Sherman in title margin. After taking Atlanta on Sept. 2, 1864, Sherman led his 62,000-man army across Georgia to Savannah. Foraging off the countryside, they destroyed mills and cotton gins, confiscated livestock, looted homes and tore up more than 200 miles of rail lines, as shown here. Sherman's tactics worked: Southerners were forced to realize their cause was lost. But the enmity engendered by such harsh action lingered after the war.


  • CONDITION: Good condition with occasional stain in margins.