Hundred Years From Now. [Sheet Music].

Offset-lithograph, c.1914.
Paper size 13 1/4 x 10 1/2" (336 x 267 mm).
Generally good condition. Contains handling creases.
LOCATION: Washington D.C.

Inventory Number: 85509
Price: $100.00
Publisher : O.E. Story Music Production, Boston, Mass.
Colored offset lithograph by Tarmer serves as decorative sheet music cover to the song "A Hundred Years from Now". Music by Caddigan, Brennan and Story, featured by Tom Linden and Jungle Girls. Print includes the original sheet music.

Chorus to the song: " I wonder what kind of a life they'll lead/ A hundred years from now?/ I wonder what's going to be the speed/ A hundred years from now /The girlies are setting a pace today/ That's turning the lock of gold to grey/ We're living a life of constant alteration/ I wonder if they'll have a tango dance/ A hundred years from now/ I wonder if men will wear short pants/ A hundred years from now/ There's no solution, it's all evolution/ I wonder, and wonder, and wonder how much the girls are going to wear/ A hundred years from now."
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