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Grand Prix de 100,000 Fcs. - Great derby Day

  • ARTIST: Zachatais Noterman

  • PUBLISHER: Published in Paris by Francois Delarue.

  • MEDIUM: Multi-stone lithograph with hand coloring.

    DATE: circa 1852.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 14 x 27 5/8" (35.7 x 70.1 cm) plus title and margins.

  • DESCRIPTION: Noterman pinx; Soulange-Teissier lith. Imp. Francois Delarue, 8, rue Larrey, Paris. The publisher was located at "8 rue Larrey, Pairs," in 1852.<BR><BR> "Zacharias Noterman (1813-1874), was a nineteenth century Belgian artist who studied painting and etching under his elder brother, Emmanuel Noterman (1808-1863). Both brothers established themselves as animal artists and exhibited their work in Belgium and at the Paris Salon. Emmanuel specialized in depictions of dogs while Zacharias Noterman's forte was the monkey. A popular genre in nineteenth century art was the 'Singeries'. Briefly these were paintings and etchings of monkeys partaking in human activities. They were often clad in telling costumes in order to comically 'ape' a specific action or occupation. Zacharias Noterman was highly successful within this genre". - Peters


  • CONDITION: Good condition save for stain in right margin, just outside of image and some very mild foxmarks. Original hand coloring.