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Un Oculiste brevete. (Caricaturana 55).

  • ARTIST: Honore Daumier

  • PUBLISHER: Published in Album Caricaturana (Les Robert Macaires).

  • MEDIUM: Lithograph,

    DATE: 1838.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 9 1/4 x 8 7/8" (235 x 225 mm) plus title and margins.

  • DESCRIPTION: Chez Aubert, gal. véro-dodat. Imp. d'Aubert et de Junca. Ch.Ph. inv. H.D.lith. Caricaturana is a series of 100 lithographs, numbered 1-100. They first appeared in Le Charivari between 1836 and 1838. They also were sold in a bound album format with the title "Les Robert Macaires." Each image was printed on heavy wove paper and was offered uncolored for 45 francs and hand colored for 55 francs. Text below title reads, "Ah! ca, Monsieur Macaire, depuis six mois vous me bassinez avec votre eau merveilleuse et je suis toujours aveugle. Cela finit par me couter bien cher, mon argent s'en va, c'est tout ce que je vois - ….. He bien! c'est deja quelque chose; continuez, vous finirez par y voir clair…. (a Part) dans votre bourse." <br><br> Translation - "Ah! That! Monsieur Macaire, you've been rubbing miracle water in my eyes for six months now and I'm still blind. Finally it's all costing me a lot of money and the only thing I can see is that my money's disappearing... -- Very good! That's something at least... Continue and you'll end up seeing things quite clearly... (aside) in your purse."


  • CONDITION: Good condition, Fine original hand coloring.

  • REFERENCE: DR # 410, HD #1045.