Map of the State of New York, with the Latest Improvements.

Copper plate engraving, 1831
16 3/8 x 19 7/8" (41.7 x 50.5 cm).
Generally good condition. Some professionally repaired splitting aong fold lines.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 87041
Price: $975.00
Publisher : Published by Humphrey Phelps, New York.
Sold by W. Hooker, J.A. Burtus, G.C. Morgan, E. Bliss & E. White, J.F. Sibell, E. & G.W. Blunt, W.B. Gilley, H.I. Megarey, T.A. Ronalds, R. McDermut, Prior & Dunning, G. & C. Carvill, Mahlon Day, G. Long, J.S. Todder, H. Stevenson, Patten & Ferris, J.H. Wheeler, D. Felt and Wm. Damerum. and S. George, J.B. Jansen, and C. Bartlett, J.M. Campbell, J.C. Totten, J. Montgomery & Son, Joa. Leavitt.

A very early guide map of the state. Counties are outlined and detailed with towns, lakes, rivers, and canals. Insets note major roads, statistics for the towns and counties in the area, the newspapers then being published in New York City, and the four colleges in the state. Another inset shows a profile of the Western and Northern Canal (Erie Canal). This map was published at a time when the Erie Canal was newly constructed and gaining widespread popularity as a way to ship commercial goods between the eastern coast and western interior; it was considered a marvel of civil engineering. This pocket map would have been designed for a growing class of commonplace consumers and travelers; the map publishing industry was diversifying by the mid-1800s to print relatively inexpensive, practical maps for the general public.
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