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Lesson of the Day, The, : Columbia - "Come, my men, summer is over, and with it play-day. Fall has come, we have abundant crops, and if you will all only get to work, we shall soon hear the last of hard times."

  • ARTIST: A. B. Frost

  • PUBLISHER: Published by The Daily Graphic, September 10, 1874.

  • MEDIUM: Wood engraving,

    DATE: 1874.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 14 7/16 x 11 3/4" (36.7 x 29.9 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: 1873 had been riddled with economic crisis, begun by the financial difficulties of the overzealous locomotive world - Northern Pacific filed for bankruptcy. The people of America panicked and pulled their money out of the banks, causing the banks to fail, which in turn put strain on companies needing loans and eventually led to massive layoffs and a depression that would last throughout the 1870s. This political cartoon, made in September of 1874, if likely trying to empower the people by making them believe there were jobs out there, in the farming industry, they just had to get out there and take them. It should be noted that 1874 was a devastating year for farmers, especially in the Great Plains. One of the great biblical plagues had struck - locust. Researchers estimate more than 120 billion locust descended upon the Plains and caused some $200 million in crop damages. Many farmers gave up following the devastation and moved back to the east. The exodus caused a significant population decline in the short term. Federal and state aid, however, would help lead to a population boom in the coming years.


  • CONDITION: Good to fair condition with a water stain and partial crease in lower.