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  • Novae Insulae XXVI Nova Tabula. (Americas.)

Novae Insulae XXVI Nova Tabula. (Americas.)

  • ARTIST: Sebastian Munster

  • PUBLISHER: Published by Sebastian Munster, Basel.

  • MEDIUM: Woodcut,

    DATE: 1540, (1545).

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 10 x 13 3/8" (25.5 x 34.1 cm) plus margins.

  • DESCRIPTION: Munster's map of New World is one of the most important and influential maps of the 16th Century. This map appeared in Munster’s “Cosmography” and is the earliest to show all of North and South America in a true continental form. The flags of Spain (on Puerto Rico) and Portugal (shown in the South Atlantic) depict their respective spheres of influence in the New World. North America is oddly shaped and depicts one of the great geographic misconceptions. In 1523 Giovanni di Verrazano passed by the outer banks of the Carolinas. He mistook Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds for an Oriental Sea that would lead to the Spice Islands. Munster picked up and recorded his accounts by the great success of “Cosmography,” which propagated the myth for many years. In Mexico, Lake Temistan (not named in this state of the map) empties into the Caribbean. And the Yucatan Peninsula is shown as an Island. It is the first map to name the Pacific Ocean (Mare Pacificum). South America is depicted with a large bulge in the northwest and notes that cannibals inhabit parts of it. It is also the first to show Japan, 'Zipangri', based entirely upon the accounts of Marco Polo and other early travelers. Shown in the Pacific Ocean is Magellan's ship 'Victoria'. Overall a striking map.

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: The rare second state of Munster's map of America. The first state of the map was issued in the 1540 and 1542 editions of Munster's Geographia. Very scarce. In the 2nd state. The title was changed to from "Novae Insulae XVII. . ." to "Novae Insulae XXVI . . ." and appeared in only one edition.

  • CONDITION: Very good condition save for some minor splitting along centerfold. Black & white.

  • REFERENCE: Burden, "The Mapping of North America" #12; Suarez, "Shedding the Veil" #23.