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Yankee Volunteers Marching into Dixie. : "Yankee Doodle Keep it up, Yankee Doodle Dandy."


  • PUBLISHER: Published by C. F. Morse 450 Penn, at Washington City, & G. A. Morse 196 Broadway St. Boston.

  • MEDIUM: Lithograph printed in color,

    DATE: 1862

  • EDITION SIZE: Image 8 7/8 x 12 1/8" (22.6 x 30.7 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: J. H. Bufford's lith, Boston. A patriotic but fanciful portrayal of Union forces marching on the South at the opening of the Civil War. Let by a blue-uniformed officer with a drawn sword, a large troop of men marches forward. All are dressed in large white top hats, striped pantaloons, and jackboots characteristic of Yankee character Brother Jonathan. In the background is the city of Washington. Also issued as a music sheet cover this being larger was likely issued as an individual lithograph.


  • CONDITION: Good condition and color.


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