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If commun. (English Yew).

  • ARTIST: Édouard Hocquart

  • PUBLISHER: Published by Chez B. Cormon et Blanc, Libraires. Paris.

  • MEDIUM: Stipple engraving, printed in color and finished by hand.

    DATE: 1835.

  • EDITION SIZE: Paper size 12 1/2 x 9" (31.6 x 23 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: "Hocquart del et sculp". Plate 150 from PHYTOGRAPHIE MEDICALE ('Medical phytography, a history of powerful substances and poisons from the plant kingdom') by Joseph Roques. (1772-1850). Also known as "Taxus baccata" Due to the vaguely human form of the root and its psychoactive alkaloid compounds, mandrake has been associated since antiquity to beliefs and magical rituals. Hippocrates in the fifth century BC. AD advised "For people sad, sick and want to strangle, do take the morning drink mandrake root at lower dose than it would take to cause delirium" .


  • CONDITION: Good condition.