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Lobelie syphilitique.

  • ARTIST: Édouard Hocquart

  • PUBLISHER: Published by Chez B. Cormon et Blanc, Libraires. Paris.

  • MEDIUM: Stipple engraving, printed in color and finished by hand.

    DATE: 1835.

  • EDITION SIZE: Paper size 12 1/2 x 9" (31.6 x 23 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: "Hocquart del et sculp". Plate 65 from PHYTOGRAPHIE MEDICALE ('Medical phytography, a history of powerful substances and poisons from the plant kingdom') by Joseph Roques. (1772-1850). Knows as the Great Blue Lobelia and native to North American, the Lobelia was put to a wide variety of uses. The Fox Tribe ground up the roots of this plant and used it as an anti-divorce remedy. The mashed roots were secretly put into some common dish, which was eaten by both husband and wife.


  • CONDITION: Good condition. Faint overall toning.