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Calandra Granaria, Sylvanus Surinamensis, Bruchus Pisi, Brenthus Septentrionalis (male & female) Balaninus Rectus, Hylobius Pales, Conotrachelus Nenuphar, Clerus Apiarius.

  • ARTIST: E. Emmons

  • PUBLISHER: Published New York; D. Appleton & Co., Boston; Gould, Kendall & Lincoln.

  • MEDIUM: Lithographs colored by hand,

    DATE: 1854.

  • EDITION SIZE: Paper size 11 1/4 x 8 3/4" (285 x 225 mm).

  • DESCRIPTION: From "Natural History of New York. Agriculture of New - York: Composition and Distribution of the Soils and Rocks...More Common and Injurious Species of Insects." Text on plate; E. Emmons, Jr. Del., Lith. of Richd. H. Pease, Albany.


  • CONDITION: Overall good condition. Blind stamp in image.