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  • ARTIST: Thomas Hart Benton

  • MEDIUM: Offset-Lithograph,

    DATE: c.1942.

  • EDITION SIZE: Paper size 40 1/4 x 47" (102.2 x 119.4 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: Inscribed "Painted by the Distinguished American Artist, Thomas Benton" <br><br> Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Thomas Hart Benton, like so many Americans, was stirred into action. He created a number of propaganda posters to further stir the masses. In this particular example the Axis Powers - Germany, Italy and Japan - are seen murdering Jesus Christ while he lay on the cross. The soldiers on the ground stab him with their long lances, while a fighter plane unleashes a barrage from above. Surrounding them is a ravaged landscape. <br><br>


  • CONDITION: Good condition. Backed on linen.