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James Madison, President of the United States.

  • ARTIST: Thomas Sully

  • PUBLISHER: Published by William H. Morgan, Philadelphia.

  • MEDIUM: Stipple and line engraving,

    DATE: 1810

  • EDITION SIZE: Image 20 x 13 1/8" (50.6 x 33.3 cm)

  • DESCRIPTION: D. Edwin, Fecit. James Madison (March 16, 1751-June 28, 1836) Founding Father, architect of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and fourth President of the United States.<br><br>Edwin's engraving of Madison follows a standard of American Presidential portraiture established in earlier presidential portraits, following in the manner of Gilbert Stuarts “Lansdowne” portrait of Washington, and later Thomas Jefferson. Madison is shown standing at a table with his hand resting on the Constitution and surrounded by symbols of his presidency. The quill, inkstand, globe and piled books represent him as an enlightened statesman. Engraved by David Edwin, who also engraved the similar portrait of Thomas Jefferson. Based on a painting by Thomas Sully, who himself based it on a portrait by Gilbert Stuart.<br><br>Early impression. A later impression was issued with changes in the publication line.


  • CONDITION: Fair condition. Numerous breaks surrounding the image and some loss within the image. Professionally conserved.

  • REFERENCE: Cunningham , Popular Images of the Presidency: From Washington to Lincoln p. 137-144.