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The Arkansas Traveller - Scene In The Back Woods Of Arkansas. [and] The Turn Of The Tune - Traveller Playing The "Arkansas Traveller."

  • ARTIST: John Cameron

  • PUBLISHER: Published by Currier & Ives, 115 Nassau St. New York.

  • MEDIUM: Lithographs handcolored,

    DATE: 1870.

  • EDITION SIZE: Small folio - image size 7 7/8 x 12 1/2" (20 x 31.8 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: Sold as a pair. Signed in the stone, "J. Cameron."<br><br> The Arkansaw Traveler : Scene in the Backwoods of Arkansas. : Traveler,- to Squatter-can you give me some refreshments and a nights lodging? Squatter: no sir, have'nt got any room, nothing to eat. Fiddles away, - Traveler, where does this road go to? Squatter: it don't go anywhere it stays here. Still fiddling: Traveler: why dont you play the rest of that tune? Squatter; don't know it Traveler: here give me the fiddle; plays.<BR><BR> The Turn of the tune. : Traveler Playing the “Arkansaw Traveler.” : Squatter, Why stranger I’ve been trying for years to git the turn of that tune, come right in! Johnny take the horse and feed him! Wife git up the best corn cakes you can make! Sally make up the best bed! He kin play the turn of that tune; come right in and play it all through stranger. You kin lodge with us a month free of charge. <BR><BR>


  • CONDITION: Good condition and color.

  • REFERENCE: Conningham #270 & #6248.