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The Starrucca Viaduct.

  • ARTIST: John Newell

  • MEDIUM: Watercolor on paper.

    DATE: Undated, circa 1870.

  • EDITION SIZE: Paper size 8 x 12 1/4" (20.2 x 31/3 cm)

  • DESCRIPTION: Sadly we have been unable to identify the location of this scene. Depicted is a large seven plus arch railroad viaduct over a navigable river. A small paddle boat named Hope and a sloop are shown in the foreground and possibly a town is in the background. It is likely that this scene is somewhere in southern New England as the majority of Newell's works were produced there. <br><br> John P. Newell (1830 [circa]-1898) was born in Newport about 1830, the son of John H. Newell and Harriet G. (Peckham) Newell. After studying lithography in Boston (1850) he divided his time between Boston and Newport where he quickly became a success. As his popularity increased, Newell devoted most of his efforts to drawing public buildings, commercial and Naval vessels,and views of Newport, Providence and surrounding areas.<br><br> Newell exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy in 1866 and during 1870-1880 made many drawings of newly built homes for the summer colonists who flocked to Newport. Newell married Annie E. Gifford, a widow, briefly in 1882 (4 months) and sailed for Europe where he continued working until his death in Brighton, England April 29, 1898. ("Bulletin of the Newport Historical Society", Number 130, 67-73; DAASE, 336)


  • CONDITION: Good condition.