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George Washington President of the United States.

  • ARTIST: Edward Savage

  • MEDIUM: Stipple and line engraving,

    DATE: 1796.

  • EDITION SIZE: Oval, 5 x 4" (12.7 x 10 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: Rollinson, Sc. This engraving is based on Edward Savage's 1792 portrait of Washington in uniform. On his lapel is the Order of Cincinnati badge.<br><br> This portrait appeared in: Epistles Domestic, Confidential, and Official, from General Washington (New York: Robinson and Bull for Rivington, 1796), and Roswell Shirtliff, An Oration on the Illustrious George Washington (Walpole, N. H.: Carlisle for Thomas and Thomas, 1800).<br><br> William Rollinson 1762 – 1842 was an English engraver and silversmith who immigrated to New York in 1788-89. Rollinson engraved a number of book plates as well as some larger views and portraits. His most famous portrait was that of Alexander Hamilton. A descendent told me that one of his first jobs was to engrave and sell George Washington inaugural buttons to celebrate (and profit by) the inauguration of George Washington which occurred at Federal Hall in New York.


  • CONDITION: Good condition, drum mounted.

  • REFERENCE: Hart 217; Baker 132