Fritz Eichenberg

Artist's Biography


Wood engraving, 1966.
Image size 12 3/8 x 8 1/8" (20.6 x 31.4 cm).
Very good condition.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 98897
Price: $225.00
Publisher :
Signed and titled in red felt pen. Dated in black ink. The wood engraving is tipped on a rice paper card, which contains a personalized message inside, written in black ink.

This is a proof impression from Eichenberg's book "Tao Te Ching", which the artist turned into a Christmas card for friends and fellow artists John Ross and Clare Romano.

The wood engraving is based on an ancient Chinese story about integrity and self-awareness. A similar card he sent John and Clare in 1973 had this message printed on the back: "Where troops have been quartered : Brambles and thorns are opening up. : In the wake of great armies : Lean years will follow. : Of a great man wins a victory : He will stop night there. : He will not proceed with acts of violence : He will not boast nor will be gloat : He will not show arrogance : After the battle is over. : From Tao-te-Ching of Lao-Tse, ca 600 B.C. : With hope and good wishes for 1973 A.D."
20th Century Subjects , Genre , Literary