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Poor Trust is Dead. Bad Pay Killed Him.


  • PUBLISHER: Published by Currier & Ives. 125 Nassau Street, New York.

  • MEDIUM: Lithograph

    DATE: 1868

  • EDITION SIZE: Small folio - image size 9 x 12 7/8" (23 x 32.7 cm)

  • DESCRIPTION: A whimsical small folio Currier. The phrase is taken from one from old England, Sacred to the memory of Poor trust, who fought hard at the battle of Deception, but fell under General Bad Pay.<br><br> Cunningham list one print under this title which is described as having human figures to delineate the title. We know of two other variants, This with the dog lying on the ground and another, also with the dog lying on the ground but with a barrel behind him.  All are scarce.


  • CONDITION: Fair to good condition. Time toned overall with some damp staining along the right edge. Could easily be restored.

  • REFERENCE: Conningham #4839 Variant

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