The Old Print Shop

City of New York.

  • ARTIST: Charles Parsons

  • PUBLISHER: Published by N. Currier 152 Nassau St. New York.

  • MEDIUM: Lithograph handcolored,

    DATE: 1856.

  • EDITION SIZE: Large folio image size 20 5/16 x 28 1/2" (51.6 x 72.5 cm)..

  • DESCRIPTION: Drawn on stone by C. Parsons. A key identifies 33 prominent locations including Castle Garden which at the time was the "emigrant depot", the short lived Crystal Palace, Tompkins Square, Wall St. Ferry, Fulton Ferry etc. The steamboats Commonwealth, Metropolitan, and Plymouth Rock are shown. First issue.

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: A rare First Issue.

  • CONDITION: Good condition and original color, lower publication line reattached.

  • REFERENCE: Conningham #1103.