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Peche de la Baleine. Whale-Fishery. [and] Peche du Cachalot. Cachalot Fishery. [pair]

  • ARTIST: Louis Ambroise Garneray

  • PUBLISHER: Paris, Publie par Rittner et Goupil, Boulevard, Montmartre, 9 and 15.

  • MEDIUM: Aquatint and engraving,

    DATE: 1835.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 22 1/4 x 31 3/4" (5.4 x 80.5 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: Goupil, pinxt (drawn by Louis Ambroise Garneray). Martens sculp (Engraved by Martens). <BR><BR> This pair is the finest of all whaling images ever produced. They are mentioned in Herman Melville's great work, "Moby Dick." <BR><BR> "But, taken for all in all, by far the finest, though in some details not the most correct, presentations of whales and whaling scenes to be anywhere found, are two large French engravings, well executed, and taken from paintings by one Garnery [sic]. Respectively, they represent attacks on the Sperm and Right Whale. . . Who Garnery [sic] the painter is, or was, I know not. But my life for it he was either practically conversant with his subject, or else marvelously tutored by some experienced whaleman." <BR><BR>

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Both are very fine impressions.

  • CONDITION: Both prints are in very good condition.

  • REFERENCE: Brewington, Kendall Whaling Museum, Prints #196 & 197.