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Frankie and Johnnie. Huck Finn. Jesse James. [Set of Three]

  • ARTIST: Thomas Hart Benton

  • MEDIUM: Lithograph,

    DATE: 1936.

  • EDITION SIZE: Edition 100. Average image size 16 1/2 x 22" (41.3 x 55.9 cm)

  • DESCRIPTION: Thomas Hart Benton published this lithographic series himself in 1936 based on his WPA murals at the Missouri State Capitol. Associated American Artists distributed the series for the artist. <br><br> Description: For "The Missouri State Capitol Mural Series." <br><br> Bottom right."Frankie and Johnnie" "The incident according to legend happened in St. Louis though the tune in various forms is earlier than the 1890 St. Louis story. Anyhow the story is a part of Missouri mythology, like the Jessie James and Huck Finn Stories." <br><br> Bottom left. Huck Finn." "Every two or three years I reread Mark Twain's great saga from start to finish, finding it as fresh as when I first read it. With the spirits of Huck and Jim pushing me I have been up and down the Mississippi many times. Though I travelled on big boats rather than intimately by raft, I like to believe I've caught glimpses of them. . . ."<br><br> Top. "Jesse James." "Also from Mo. State Capitol Mural. The foreground figure was posed by Dan James an actual descendant of the James clan. This picture shows actions that occurred at different times as if they were simultaneous." Thomas Hart Benton

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Signed in pencil and in plate.

  • CONDITION: Very good condition. Framed.

  • REFERENCE: Fath #11, Fath #12, Fath # 13.