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The J.M. Brunswick & Blake Co. Established 1846. Sole Manufactures of the Monarch.


  • PUBLISHER: Published by the Brunswick & Balke Co. Chicago Lith Co.

  • MEDIUM: Stone engraving,

    DATE: c.1880.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 26 7/8 x 19 1/4" (58.2 x 48.8 cm)

  • DESCRIPTION: A rare advertising broadside for the J.M. Brunswick & Blake Co. Builders of pool and billiard tables.<br><br> Pictured is a 1880 Monarch billiard table. Surrounding that are portraits of J.M. Brunswick, Julius Blake, A.T. Troescher, M. Bensinger and Leo. Schmidt. Below that they advertise there locations in New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis and San Francisco. Following that are various rules.<br><br> Rules of the three-ball French Carom Game.<br><br> American, or four-ball game.<br><br> Pin Pool.<br><br> Fifteen-ball pool.<br><br> Monarch Red fifteen-ball pool.<br><br> This cataloger could not locate another impression of this broadside.


  • CONDITION: Fair to good condition. Several tears and small areas of image loss. Professionally conserved. Visibly fine.


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