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"Ah! Sunflower I."

  • ARTIST: Ilse Schreiber Noll

  • MEDIUM: Woodcut,

    DATE: 2022.

  • EDITION SIZE: Edition 5. Image size 32 x 24" (81.3 x 61 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: "'Ah! Sunflowers I' This print belongs to a series of sunflower woodcuts, paintings and artist books. The sunflower is a symbolic representation of peace and strength and embodies a yearning for harmony and resilience. It’s timeless beauty and powerful message urges us to pursuit peace in our lives and prompts us to recognize that true strength lies not in aggression or dominance, but in the ability to coexist peacefully with one another and face challenges with unwavering determination. Let us rekindle the significance of these flowers, and in doing so, rediscover the essential values of peace and strength that can shape a better world for all.."

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Signed, titled, and dated in pencil. Inscribed "2/5."

  • CONDITION: Very good condition.