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It's all a Peacre or French Leuisdores for English Bricks.


  • PUBLISHER: Published in the Gentleman's and London Magazine.

  • MEDIUM: Copper plate engraving

    DATE: 1763

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 4 x 3 1/4" (10.1 x 80.1 cm)

  • DESCRIPTION: This print appeared in The Gentleman's and London Magazine r, January, 1763.<br><br> As described in the magazine: On the foreground is Britannia lamenting that she should be deprived of that column of glory, raised to her fame by the bravery of her Sons; and the Paris should again rife in splendor as the morning sun, while her favorite City is left in flames, at which Monsieur is rejoiced, and solaces himself with his Fiddle. On the steps stand exalted France and Spain, who are pleasingly engaged with a Scotchman, who makes tender a Plan, by which their Kingdoms will be aggrandised, though at the Expence of Britain's Sons whose labour, danger and toil, are emphatically express'd by making Bricks... .


  • CONDITION: Good condition.


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