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C. Helke, Arterial Embalmer and Undertaker, Manufacturer of and Dealer in All Kinds of Furniture, Wausau, Wisconsin.


  • MEDIUM: Wood cut and type set.

    DATE: Undated. c. 1885.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 9 x 13" (23 x 33 cm) plus margins.

  • DESCRIPTION: Continues with: A full line of wood, cloth, metallic and marble cases and caskets. Finest hearse in the city. I carry the best goods manufactured, such as chamber and parlor suites, bureaus, sofas, mattresses, springs, and the finest line of secretaries and library cases. No. 311 Fourth Street. Branch in Tomahawk.<br><br> The Helke family is still in the funeral business in Wausau.<br><br> Their web site notes the following: <br> The Helke tradition of funeral service began in 1871, when the Helke family emigrated from Germany to Wausau. August Helke and his son, Charles, made furniture and bar and store fixtures, as well as church cabinets. They started Helke Furniture Company, located at 319 Fourth Street, Wausau, in 1874. Since coffins differed little from fine upholstered furniture, the two craftsmen naturally evolved into the funeral business.


  • CONDITION: Overall in good condition. Some surface soiling and vertical faint wooden backing stain.


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