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Capture of Andre.

  • ARTIST: Elkanah Tisdale

  • MEDIUM: Color engraving,

    DATE: c. 1820.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 4 5/8 x 5 7/8" plus title and margins.

  • DESCRIPTION: E. Tisdale Del., W.H. Bassett Sc. (Engraved by)<br><br> A charming small image of this iconic event in American History.<br><br> Major John Andre 1750-1780, was an English officer, Clinton's adjutant and Benedict Arnold's contact. After a meeting with Arnold, Andre was caught behind the lines by a group of militiamen commanded by John Paulding. He was in civilian clothes with a pass from Arnold, the plans to West Point and other incriminating paperwork were found in his boot. Arnold heard of Andre's capture and fled. Major John Andre was hanged as a spy October 2, 1780.


  • CONDITION: Fair condition, some creasing and minor toning.