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Karima Muyaes: El Color Del Espiritu/Color of the Spirit.

  • ARTIST: Karima Muyaes

  • PUBLISHER: Published by Tribal Press Impreso en Canada.

  • MEDIUM: Monograph,

    DATE: 2023.

  • EDITION SIZE: Limited edition 500. Overall size 11 x 8 3/4" (27.7 x 22.5 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: Avelina Lesper - author & Jennifer Moody - editor. Limited edition of 500 copies. First edition, first printing. Hardcover in case bound stamped boards with four color pictorial dust jacket. Fine condition (new). Comment(s): This long-awaited book is the definitive work on Muyaes’ art. The substantial volume includes nearly 700 images (including hundreds in four color), as well as descriptions of Muyaes’ work and is the most complete account of her artistic career to date. In its 396 pages it showcases her figurative and expressionistic work as it has unfolded over the past five decades. The different sections highlight her methods and materials and the role and function they play in her work. The numerous full-color reproductions are both elegant and sensuous, emphasizing her freedom of expression through color. The book also includes an introduction, a conservation essay, and five thematic essays, each focusing on different aspects in the development of her work. Muyaes’ work is about life and creation but has a conceptual range from fantasy to reality. Her mixed ancestry - Mexican and Lebanese - helped to provide a rich source of subject matter and influences. Her language of forms is infused so deeply with her ethnicity that it is presented in a profoundly personal way. Her father was an anthropologist, collector, antiquarian, and artist who became a great influence on her as well as providing her with a rich legacy.


  • CONDITION: Very good condition.