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Medical Jurisprudence (Arthur G Witherby)

  • ARTIST: Arthur Witherby

  • PUBLISHER: Vanity Fair, London

  • MEDIUM: Chromolithograph

    DATE: November 30th 1899

  • EDITION SIZE: 15 1/2 x 10 1/4 ( 394 x 260mm)

  • DESCRIPTION: Arthur G. Witherby's print showcasing Thomas Stevenson for Vanity Fair would likely depict him as a distinguished figure, reflecting his status as a pioneering civil engineer, lighthouse designer, and meteorologist. Stevenson would likely be portrayed with a sense of authority and expertise, perhaps wearing attire befitting his profession, such as a suit or engineer's attire. The portrayal of Stevenson in the print would likely capture his innovative spirit and the impact of his designs on lighthouse construction, symbolizing the ushering in of a new era in maritime safety. Overall, the print would serve as a tribute to Stevenson's legacy as a visionary engineer and scientist.


  • CONDITION: Good condition. Orginal color.