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  • ARTIST: Leslie Ward

  • PUBLISHER: Vanity Fair, London.

  • MEDIUM: Chromolithograph,

    DATE: July 4th, 1901

  • EDITION SIZE: 15 x 10 1/4" (381 x 261 mm)

  • DESCRIPTION: This chromolithograph from Vanity Fair dated July 4th, 1901 presents a captivating portrayal of Mr. Reginald Saumerez de Havilland, depicted in Men of the Day No.814 by the esteemed artist SPY, Leslie Ward. Reginald Saumarez de Havilland (1861-1921) was a notable figure in the world of rowing, renowned for his remarkable coaching abilities and personal achievements in the sport. Initially overlooked during his time at Eton due to his eccentricities, he later flourished at Oxford, rowing twice in the Dark Blue Eight and eventually becoming President of the Oxford University Boat Club. Transitioning into coaching, he excelled at Wellington and returned to Eton as a respected House Master and rowing coach. Under his guidance, Eton's rowing team achieved remarkable success, particularly at Henley Regatta, where they secured eleven victories in the Ladies' Plate over twenty-six years. De Havilland's coaching prowess, combined with his fatherly care and jovial demeanor, endeared him to generations of rowers, leaving a lasting legacy in the sport. Despite his lifelong struggle with asthma, his dedication to rowing and his athletes remained unwavering until his retirement in 1920, leaving behind a profound impact on the rowing community.


  • CONDITION: Good Condition. Small dog-ear in top right corner.