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Pl. 30. Palma Christi. (Castor oil).

  • ARTIST: Maria Sibylla Merian

  • PUBLISHER: Published in Amsterdam by J. F. Bernard.

  • MEDIUM: Copper engraving,

    DATE: c. 1704-30.

  • EDITION SIZE: Sheet size 14 x 20 7/8" (35.5 x 53 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: A fine engraving from Maria Sibylla Merian’s classic work, Over de Voortteeling en Wonderbaerlyke veranderingen der Surinaemsche Insecten, or Metamorphosis of Surinamese insects.<br><br> This print shows a variety of insects, from moths, caterpillars and a chrysalis. The plant is a Castor oil plant.<br><br> Maria Sibylla Merian, daughter of the German engraver and publisher Matthaus Merian, devoted herself to the study of European insects and their metamorphoses. As a result of the wealth of tropical varieties being brought back by the Dutch West Indies Company, she decided to visit the Dutch colony of Surinam herself to study and paint the insect life there. In 1699, both she and her daughter Dorothea, in travelled to Surinam, remaining there until 1701. An amazing and extremely hazardous journey for the period. Later, her elder daughter Johanna, travelled to Surinam to complete her mothers work. Most of the plates were engraved by P. Sluyter, J. Mulder and P. Stoopendal.<br><br>


  • CONDITION: Good condition. Modern hand color.