Steamer "Keokuk" (Iron Clad).

Two-stone lithograph, c.1863.
Image size 11 5/8 x 19 15/16" (29.3 x 50.5 cm).
Fair to good condition. Lain down on card. Several mended tears within the margins.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 9980
Price: $1,650.00
Publisher : T. Bonar, Lithographer, New York.
The "Keokuk" was designed and contracted for and by Charles W. Whitney for the U. S. Government. Built by Jeronemus S. Underhill, Dry-Dock Iron Works. Launched December 6th 1862.

The Keokuk was one of the first warships to be built completely of iron construction, wood was only used for the decking and filler in the armor cladding. Despite her armor, she proved to be short lived. on April 7th 1863 during the first battle of Charleston Harbor she found herself alone approximately 600 yards from Fort Sumter. In about a half hours time she was hit by approximately 90 rounds which, by the words of her commander Alexander Rhind, "completely riddled" her. She managed to get out of range but the next morning a breeze sprung up and she quickly sank off of Morris Island.
Later confederate forces salvaged the two 11" Dahlgren guns. One of these guns can still be seen at Battery Park in Charleston, South Carolina.
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