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Mutineers turning Lieut. Bligh and Part of the Officers and Crew adrift from His Majesty's Ship the Bounty. The,

  • ARTIST: Robert Dodd

  • PUBLISHER: Published by B. B. Evans, Poultry, London.

  • MEDIUM: Aquatint engraving,

    DATE: 1790.

  • EDITION SIZE: 16 x 22 3/4" (40.8 x 58.2 cm) plus title and margins.

  • DESCRIPTION: The title continues with, "To the West India Planters and Merchants, or those benevolent representation to Government the expedition for transporting the valuable Bread Fruit Tree to the British Islands in the West India's was undertaken, This print is respectfully inscribed by their most obedt. & very humble Servt. B.B. Evans." There is likely no mystery so well documented as that of the H.M.S. Bounty in 1789 under the command of Lieutenant William Bligh. Fletcher Christian, the leader of the mutineers set Captain Bligh and seventeen men adrift in a twenty three-foot boat. According the description on the print, they were given following provisions, "20 lb. of Pork, 150 lbs. of bread, 5 quarts of Rum, 3 bottles of wine, & 28 gallons of water." Over the next 41 days they traveled 3618 miles and landed on the island of Timor. Fletcher Christian and the other mutineers returned to Tahiti, where sixteen of the crew remained. Christian and six others went on, taking twelve Tahitian women and six Tahitian men to Piticairn Island where the Bounty was burned and they set up lives for themselves. This fine engraving, which was painted and engraved by Robert Dodd, depicts the final moments before Bligh and his men were set adrift. In Bligh's published narrative of the event, Bligh asked for firearms, "but they laughed at me and said I was well acquainted with the people where I was going and therefore did not want them: four cutlasses, however were thrown into the boat after we were veered astern." The moment of the throwing of the cutlasses with Bligh standing in his shirtsleeves, reproaching Christian is depicted. According to Bligh, Christian's last words to him were "Captain Bligh, I am in hell – I am in hell."


  • CONDITION: Fair condition. Several tears and slight rubbing in sky. Otherwise, a nice impression.