The Old Print Shop

The New York Clearing House Association Building. : Cedar Street between Broadway and Nassau Street.


  • PUBLISHER: Published and copyrighted, 1894, by Barlow & More, 253 Broadway, N.Y.

  • MEDIUM: Lithograph printed in color,

    DATE: 1894

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 20 1/2 x 30" (521 x 762 mm).

  • DESCRIPTION: Signed in stone left "R. W. Gibson architect New York" on right Marc Eidlitz & Son builders N.Y." The Knapp Co. Lith. N.Y. The Clearing House was established in 1853 by the nation’s leading banks. It originally functioned as the de facto central bank for banks in the United States long before the Federal Reserve was formed—facilitating exchanges, setting monetary policy, issuing a form of currency and even storing vaults of gold to back settlements.


  • CONDITION: Good condition and color, save for several minor marginal tears and minor water staining in the title.


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