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The National Parachute, -or-John Bull conducted to Plenty & Emancipation.

  • ARTIST: James Gillray

  • PUBLISHER: Published July 10th 1802 by H. Humphney, 27 S. James Street.

  • MEDIUM: Etching,

    DATE: 1802 (c.1852.)

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 13 1/2 x 9 3/4" (343 x 245 mm).

  • DESCRIPTION: The artist is not noted but us likely James Gilray. This wonderful caricature deals with financial issues of the day. John Bull and Pitt stand in the basket of a parachute. On the basket it is inscribed "Sinking Fund", above that is the ”Hoop of National Security”. On the canopy of the parachute is inscribed all over with "Interest and compound interest." Above the parachute is a streamer noting "National Debt - Million pr. Annum at Interest & Compound Interest" The parachute is floating above the world and Britain can be seen below them, labeled "Land of Emancipation", behind them there are dark clouds. <br><br> The publisher of this print was Hannah Humphrey. Hannah was the sister of engraver William Humphrey. She began to publish prints in the 1770s and she established a print shop in London in around 1779, from where she initially sold history and portrait plates and caricatures. In 1791, the renowned satirist, James Gillray, began to work exclusively for Humphrey, making her London's leading seller of caricature prints. <br><br>

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Another etching (trimmed) is on verso and numbered 264 in the upper right.. That make's this particular impression a re-strike printed c. 1852..

  • CONDITION: Good condition, save for scattered minor fox mark & narrow margins