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American Expedition, Under Commodore Perry, Landing in Japan. July 14th 1853.

  • ARTIST: Charles Severin

  • PUBLISHER: New York, Published by Geo S. Appleton, 356 Broadway N.Y.

  • MEDIUM: Lithograph printed in color with hand coloring,

    DATE: 1858

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 13 x 20" (33.1 x 50.9 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: Severyn del. Lith & print by Hatch & Severyn, 140 Fulton St. N.Y. (Drawn by Severyn, lithgraphed and printed by Hatch & Severyn.)<br><br> “The officers comprising the Commodore's escort formed a double line from the jetty and, as he passed between them, fell into the proper order behind him. He was received with the customary honors, and the procession immediately started for the place of reception. A stalwart boatswain's mate was selected to bear the broad pennant of the Commodore, supported by two very tall and powerful negro seamen completely armed. Behind these, followed two sailor boys bearing the letter of the president, and the Commodore's letter of credence in their sumptuous boxes, wrapped in scarlet cloth; then came the Commodore himself, with his staff and escort of officers. The marine force, a fine athletic body of men commanded by Major Gillen, with a detachment of the 'Mississippi' under Capt. Slack, led the way, and the corps of seamen from all the ships brought up the rear." Baynard Taylor (Journalist and civilian member of Perry's expeditionary force).<br><br> This image depicts the formal ceremonial entrance of Commodore Matthew Perry and his marines to the court of the Japanese imperial commissioners at Uraga, Japan, the historic first American landing on Japanese soil.<br><br> The arrival of US Commodore Matthew Perry’s squadron of four ships into Tokyo Bay on July 8, 1853, was the most important single event leading to the rapid transformation of Japan from an isolated nation into one of the world’s major world powers in less than fifty years.<br><br> The ships present are: steam Frigates U.S.S. Mississippi, Susquehanna and Powhatan. Sailing sloops of War, U.S.S. Vandalia. Macsdonian, Saratoga and Plymouth. And the supply ships U.S.S. Supply, Lexington and Southampton,


  • CONDITION: Good condition, color original but slightly faded.

  • REFERENCE: Peters, America on Stone, p.363 (plate 64)

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