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Henry Clay.


  • PUBLISHER: Prtinted by Childs & Inman Lith. Philadelphia.

  • MEDIUM: Lithograph,

    DATE: Undated, c.1832.

  • EDITION SIZE: Vignette, 4 3/4 x 3 3/4" (120 x 92 mm) plus margins

  • DESCRIPTION: Henry Clay (1777-1852) Lawyer, politician and skilled orator. He was elected to the House of Representatives and in 1811 representing Kentucky. He was quickly elected Speaker of the House, a position he left in the early 1820's. Served as Secretary of State and ran for president in 1824, 1832 and 1844.

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Henry Clay 1777-1852. Senator and a Representative from Kentucky. Clay has been referred to as " one of the most partisan, hot-headed, and polarizing politicians of his day." He also had a gift for brokering differences and finding the middle ground. His greatest contribution was achieved in the role of "The Great Pacificator," the man who held together the Union. One of his famous quotes was "I would rather be right than President." One of Clay arch rivals was Senator John C. Calhoun. Calhoun once stated "I don't like Clay. He is a bad man, an imposter, a creator of wicked schemes. I wouldn't speak to him, but, by God, I love him!" Clay died of tuberculosis in Washington on June 29, 1852.

  • CONDITION: Good condition save for occasional foxing. Black & white.


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