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Setter and Quails.

  • ARTIST: John Woodhouse Audubon

  • MEDIUM: Two-color lithograph,

    DATE: c.1855.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 16 1/4 x 23 3/4" (410 x 602 mm) plus title and margins.

  • DESCRIPTION: From an original picture by J. W. Audubon, A.N.A. Drawn on stone and printed by C. G. Crehen, 17 Murray St. <br><br> A pastoral image with a setter is on the scent of three quails who are hiding in the foliage shown in the lower right. This is a very rare and important sporting lithograph by C. G. Crehen after an "original picture" by J. Woodhouse Audubon. To the best of our knowledge, the original painting from which this lithograph was taken has never been found. <br><br> John Woodhouse Audubon (1812-1862), the younger son of John James Audubon, was his father's companion in the field and aided him in the preparation of the drawings for the "Quadrupeds of North America," in which he painted seventy-four of the one-hundred-fifty plates. C. G. Crehen (1829-?) was a lithographer who was born in Paris and immigrated to the United States in 1850. Very little is known about him. According to Harry T. Peters in "America on Stone," Crehen had considerable ability and was a good delineator. He was known as a traveler who worked in almost every large city in the country. Outside of the normal two major works by Audubon, a small handful of lithographs were issued and sold as separate prints by the father and son. These prints come up rarely and all are considered to be extremely rare.

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: A very rare separately issued lithograph by the son of John James Audubon.

  • CONDITION: Good condition save for faint vestages of an old mat and wooden backing stain. Framed in a genuine period 2" black and silver leaf ripple molding.