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Confederate War Etchings.

  • ARTIST: Adalbert Johann Volck

  • MEDIUM: Etchings,

    DATE: 1863, printed c.1880.

  • EDITION SIZE: Edition 100. Paper size 11 1/2 x 15 3/4" (29.2 x 40 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: Complete set of 29 chine colle etchings with the original portfolio boards and index sheet as issued, in a modern cloth and leather case. This is a complete set of the Civil War satirical images and one of the few items published from a southern point of view. Volck who lived in Baltimore was sympathetic to the south and he published these etchings under the assumed name of V. Blada. Issued as loose prints generally in 1863 and republished as a portfolio, in wraps, circa 1880. This set was issued in the 1880’s. <BR><BR> Titles of the prints 1. Worship of the North. 2. Passage through Baltimore. 3. Writing the Emancipation Proclamation. 4. Battle in Baltimore, April 19th, 1861. 5. Searching for Arms. 6. Enlistment of Sickles' Brigade, N.Y. 7. Buying a Substitute in the North during the War. 8. Marylanders Crossing the Potomac to Join the Southern Army. 9. Election in Baltimore, November, 1862. 10. Stone Blockade off Charleston, S.C. 11. Making Clothes for the Boys in the Army. 12. Slaves Concealing their Master from a Search Party. 13. Return of a Raiding Party from Pennsylvania. 14. Valiant Men "Dat Fite Mit Siegel." 15. Tracks of the Armies. 16. Formation of Guerrilla Bonds. 17. Jamison's Jayhawkers. 18. Smuggling Medicines into the South. 19. Offering of Bells to be Cast into Cannon. 20. Albert S. Johnston Crossing the Desert to Join the Southern Army. 21. Gen's Stuart's Raid to the White House. 22. Gen'l Stuart's Return from Pennsylvania. 23. Butler's Victims of Fort St. Philip. 24. Prayer in Stonewall Jackson's Camp. 25. Counterfeit Confederate Notes Publicly Offered for Sale in the "City of Brotherly Love." 26. Free Negroes in the North. 27. Free Negroes in Hayti. 28. Cave Life in Vicksburg during the Siege. 29. Vicksburg Canal. <BR><BR>


  • CONDITION: Prints and index are in very good condition. Original boards show wear and cloth spine on the portfolio missing.


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