The Old Print Shop

Experimental Stone used as a letter sheet.

  • ARTIST: Albert Barker

  • MEDIUM: Lithograph with typed and signed letter,

    DATE: 1930

  • EDITION SIZE: No edition, proofs only. Sheet size 9 x 6" - image size 5 1/4 x 4 7/8" (133 x 123 mm).

  • DESCRIPTION: This image was used as a letter sheet for a letter to Elizabeth Whitmore who was his dealer from The Print Corner. Text of letter "Dear Mrs. Whitmore:- Just a line as we are about to start to thank you for the wonderful news and check; we realy could have waited weeks more for that, as I wrote on receipt of your other letter, but it is welcome too. When we et back, I shall have news for you of a new crayon. Our best to all, and again our thanks. Sincerely, Albert W. Barker." dated on top "Moylan, July 30, 1930."


  • CONDITION: Very good condition - folded to fit in an envelope.

  • REFERENCE: Barker #56?.