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La Baleine.

  • ARTIST: Louis Ambroise Garneray

  • MEDIUM: Aquatint,

    DATE: c.1840.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 15 x 23 1/4" (38.1 x 59.1 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: Garneray pinxt. Painted by Ambroise Louis Garneray. Himely sculpt. Engraved by Sigismond Himely. <BR><BR>Title continues "Des pecheurs s'etant approches trop pres l'enorme cetace brise, d'un coup d'aileron, la pirogue dont l'equipage et les debris couvrent les flots: . . ." Translation "The whaleman approached too close, and the enormous whale with a blow of its fin breaks the whaleboat. The crew and debris are scattered over the waves. In the distance, two boats hurry to aid the shipwrecked men, while the ship struggles to hold the wind and get to the scene."


  • CONDITION: Good condition and color.

  • REFERENCE: Not in Kendall Wahling Museum Prints. #200 in Whaling Prints in the Francis B. Lothrop Collection.