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South West View of the City of New York, in North America. A,

  • ARTIST: Thomas Howdell

  • PUBLISHER: London Printed for John Bowles... Robert Sayer... Thos. Jefferys, Carrington Bowles and Henry Parker. Engraved by P. Canot.

  • MEDIUM: Copper-plate engraving,

    DATE: Undated, c.1763.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 12 1/2 x 19 5/8" (31.9 x 50 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: This engraving is part of a series of views that were organized by Thomas Pownall, a British statesman who first came to America in 1753. He was Governor of Massachusetts in 1757 and later of South Carolina in 1760. He also was a talented amateur artist. He organized and encouraged leading print dealers in London to engrave and publish a series of views that were either drawn by himself or by officers of the British Navy and Army. These engravings began with images of sites and events of the French and Indian War (1755 - 1760). Later the views included cities and scenes of various locations from Canada to the Caribbean. Initially, the prints were sold individually or as small groups or parts. Later, it was issued and sold as a set, which consisted of twenty-eight prints with a title page bearing the title, “Scenographia Americana.” On the market complete sets are extremely rare. This print bears the imprint “Drawn on the spot by Capt. Thomas Howdell, of the Royal Artillery. Engraved by P. Canot. The scene depicted is taken from the southern slope of Mount Pitt, which is near the intersection of today’s Henry and Momntgomery Streets on the lower east side of Manhattan. The two buildings at the far left are part of the Rutgers House. On the far right are shown Trinity and Middle Dutch churches. On the left is the East River and upper harbor. Brooklyn is seen on the far left with Nutting and Staten Islands in the distance.


  • CONDITION: Good condition, with wide margins, minor toning in the margins. Small tears in margins, does not go into image.

  • REFERENCE: #115 in "Picturing America" by Gloria Deak. 2nd state; Vol. 1, pl.38 and pp. 295-96 in â??Iconographyâ?? by I. N. Phelps Stokes