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Nathaniel Potter Tallmadge.

  • ARTIST: William Brown

  • PUBLISHER: Published by E. B. & E. C. Kellogg, Hartford, Ct.

  • MEDIUM: Two-stone lithograph,

    DATE: 1845.

  • EDITION SIZE: Image size 13 5/16 x 9 3/4" (34 x 24.8 cm).

  • DESCRIPTION: From the PORTRAIT GALLERY OF DISTINGUISHED AMERICAN CITIZENS. Brown cut his silhouettes from life and then added details to the scene that were connected to the distinguished citizen's persona. <BR><BR> Nathaniel Potter Tallmadge was born in New York in 1795 and studied law at Williams College. He served as a state Senator for New York and then was elected to United States Senate in 1833. He was opposed to slavery and often crossed swords with John C. Calhoun on the issue. He was also opposed to President Van Buren and was successful at organizing the public against Van Buren’s re-election campaign. In 1844 President Tyler offered Tallmadge the position of Governor of the territory of Wisconsin.


  • CONDITION: Good condition.