Jodocus Hondius

Udrone. (Ireland)

Copper plate engraving. 1607-1637.
5 1/4 x 6 7/8" (133 x 176 mm) plus margins.
Very good condition. Black & white.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 40399
Price: $195.00
Publisher : Published by Michaell Sparke, London
A map of south central Ireland region of Udrone - near Kilkenny, as it was configured right after Tyrone's Rebellion. The town of Loughane is in the center. Includes a strapwork cartouche. This map was first issued by Jodocus Hondius, appearing in his "Atlas Minor" which itself was a reduced version of Mercator’s "Atlas." In the early 1620's The original copper plates were obtained by several London booksellers and were reprinted in "Purchas His Pilgrimage" (1624-26) and "Historia Mundi or Mercators Atlas." (1635, 37 and 39) This particular impression appeared in the 1637 edition of "Historia Mundi" published by Michaell Sparke. Sparke supplemented the original titles with English titles in the left margin. A scarce English language edition.This example has two leaves of accompanying descriptive text in English. Maps