James Imray

Western Pacific (Chart No. 2).. (Australia & Coral Sea)

Engraving 1884, (1885).
48 1/2 x 40" plus margins.
Fair to good condition. The upper 4" of the map has some morderate foxinga and four small holes. Black & white.
LOCATION: New York City

Inventory Number: 43223
Price: $500.00
Publisher : London Published by James Imray & Son, 89 Minories and Tower Hill.
A scarce large scale, two-sheet, blue-backed chart. This chart covers an area from Port Philip or Melbourne in Australia, eastward to the northern tip of New Zwaland and northward to the Admiralty and Soloman Islands. There are fifteen inset maps of islands, reefs and harbors including Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island and Cato Island. Working sea charts are inherently rare due to the nature of their use aboard ships. Although likely common when first made, the vast majority of them were either destroyed by use or destroyed intentionally when new updated versions were obtained. We have no records of ever seeing this chart before. James Imray, 1803-1870. Imray originally was in the stationary and account book publishing business. In 1836 Imray joined with Michael Blachford, a small sea chart publisher based in London. The partnership flourished and soon began to compete with the larger firm of Norie and Wilson. In 1846 Imray bought out Blachford, taking over as sole proprietor. The firm later, led by descendents, survived into the 20th century. Maps