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Monument near West [North] Point. (Maryland).

  • ARTIST: Joshua Shaw

  • PUBLISHER: Published by Matthew Carey & Son, Philadelphia.

  • MEDIUM: Aquatint engraving.

    DATE: 1819-21.

  • EDITION SIZE: Vignette, 5 3/4 x 8 1/4" (146 x 210 mm) plus title and margins.

  • DESCRIPTION: This fine view was issued in "Picturesque Views of American Scenery." This series consisted of twenty aquatints that were engraved by John Hill after paintings by Joshua Shaw. The publisher Moses Thomas began the series in 1819. Thomas quickly abandoned the project after only the title page was produced. The firm of Matthew Carey & Son quickly took over project. The series was originally intended to have been issued in six numbers with a total of 36 plates. Each number had wrap paper covers, a vignette title page and letterpress text sheets that described each scene. Likely due to lack of subscribers, the series was never completed. Only four parts were issued for a total of twenty prints. Thomas Ash acquired the rights to the set and republished them in 1835. Either edition is rare and are seldom seen on the market. This particular print was engraved with a title error. The scene is of a monument near North Point, Maryland commemorating the battle fought there during the War of 1812. North Point, is located near Baltimore. According to Koke, this print usually appears with a pasted down title correction. It is lacking on this example.


  • CONDITION: Good condition. Modern hand color. Title corrected from "west" to "north."

  • REFERENCE: Koke, Richard J. "A Checklist of the American Engravings by John Hill" #50. 1st state.