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John Bryant. Smallest Ship Loading!! Guaranteed to Insure at Extreme Lowest Rates!


  • PUBLISHER: Printed by George F. Nesbitt & Co.

  • MEDIUM: Relief and type on coated stock,

    DATE: 1850's-60's

  • EDITION SIZE: Card size 4 5/16 x 7 1/16" (105 x 180mm).

  • DESCRIPTION: This clipper ship card advertises the John Bryant, touting its small size and readiness to sail. The main feature is the elaborate and beautifully colored lettering of the name of the clipper ship, surrounded by other descriptive type. These clipper ship cards were first used as a smaller alternative to broadsides, following in the tradition of trading cards, and became very popular and widespread in the 1860's. The imagery on the card typically supported the name of the ship, and thematically would largely fall into stock categories established such as nautical themes, women, knights/warriors, mythology and folklore, and patriotic themes, to name a few. The size, cargo capacity, destination, master's name, and not least of all, the word 'clipper' (complete with a bold, descriptive byline) would usually be incorporated into the design.

  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Clipper ship card advertising the John Bryant.

  • CONDITION: Good condition save for soft vertical crease along center.


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