H. Hill

James Monroe

Steel engraving; hand colored, c. 1889.
Paper size 11 7/8 x 9 1/2" (30.1 x 24 cm).
Fine condition and color.
LOCATION: Washington D.C.

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James Monroe (1758-1831), the fifth president of the United States, oversaw major westward expansion of the U.S. He also strengthened the American foreign policy in 1823 with the Monroe Doctrine, a warning to European countries against further colonization and intervention in the Western Hemisphere.

Monroe, a Virginia native, fought with the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War (1775-83) then embarked on a long political career. A protege of Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), Monroe was a delegate to the Continental Congress and served as a U.S. senator, governor of Virginia and minister to France and Great Britain. In 1803, he helped negotiate the Louisiana Purchase, which doubled the size of the U.S. As president, he acquired Florida, and also dealt with the contentious issue of slavery in new states joining the Union with the 1820 Missouri Compromise.
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